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Restrictions Update: For Parents. Kids, You Don't Need This.


  • Kids will not require proof of vaccination to attend JYC programs.

  • All kids will get a membership card so they never have to talk, think, or feel anything about COVID while they're here.

  • We'll continue to maximize efforts for sanitization, physical distancing, individualized supplies and and keeping those masks on!

  • Adults attending programs at the JYC will have to meet REP requirements.

  • We appreciate a daily/weekly DM or online sign up if you know your child will be hanging out with us.

  • Online options start Monday, Sept 27

After the announcement in mid-September, we did our best to figure out what to do, to keep our coaches working and keep the JYC open through yet another round of restrictions and outbreak. After a lot of back and forth, on Sept 20 we attempted to implement REP, which at that time required us to ask kids 12+ for vaxx status. We had an 11 year old and a 12 year old come to drop-in. The 12 yr old didn't meet the REP guidelines, and it took us 1.5 minutes to understand we couldn't hold kids accountable for adult decisions. We couldn't take their haven away.

The next day we learned AHS provided clarification that does NOT require proof for kids under 18 when they're engaged in activity at the JYC, to participate in REP. And we cheered!

Kids don't have a choice in this, and we're not going to turn kids away. We just can't do it. We have to find another way to stay open.

Adults will have four choices. For Family Social Hour, and other events that include adult participation, we will still require proof of vax (your choice), negative results of a paid Rapid Test within 72 hours of attendance (your choice), a medical exemption (your choice), or no entrance (your choice). We still have kids, coaches, and staff to protect (mentally, physically and financially), and we'll prioritize that (our choice) and leave you to one of the four options.

To allow our coaches to ensure the space is maximized for group safety, we appreciate a DM on Instagram, Twitter, or here, OR weekly online sign up if your child is joining us. Drop-in is still an option if you're a last minute kinda person. Online participation will be an option starting Monday as well, with Gamer Club, YouTube Show, and the restart of Virtual Recess.

Day Camps will still run with limited capacity. This is going to impact our ability to subsidize coach wages for the free programs, so we REALLY need your donations and sponsorships.

We want to still be here in December. Fingers and toes crossed. We appreciate your support and help to make this happen.

Remember, our coaches are kids too, so please leave them out of this. They're just here to make kids smile, and they do a fantastic job of it.

- Jo (JCY Director)

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