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Journey is closed.

After 3 years as Jo(e) Youth Creative, and 4 months as Journey Youth Creative, it breaks my heart to tell you Journey will be closing. This place has been a dream for me, and so close to my heart. These kids - your kids - are incredible. We've seen so many friendships created. So many kids finding a safe place to just be. And a ton of Fortnite wins!


As a social enterprise, my commitment has always been "whatever money comes in goes directly to kids programs." Unfortunately, we haven't been able to generate the community partnerships we need to meet the expenses. Our free programs are very popular. Our paid programs - less so.


I've invested all I can - time and money. It breaks my heart because I know how important Journey is to lots of kids, and how much work everyone has put into it. I love it so much.


Without the financial support of community partners and parents though, we can't keep going. I'll be canceling all clubs and camps and refunding paid sign ups from Oct 3 onward. If you have anything you've donated that you want back, please let me know! We'll be selling everything in the coming weeks to try to pay the bills. 

If you see potential in taking over the space, please reach out to me.


Our coaches over the years have been amazing and I'm so grateful for them! I'm thankful for the efforts you've put in to support us.


This sucks. But it's the choice I have to make before I'm in the hole even more financially. I'm so sad about this. I can't see a way through though.


Thank you for supporting Journey. Thank you for sending us your kids. I wish I could hug each one! 


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